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Compensating People Injured By Defective Products

Dangerously defective products cause countless injuries and deaths to consumers every year. These injuries include serious burns, poisoning, broken bones, concussions, loss of limbs, and other catastrophic injuries caused by failed products. The law requires product manufactures to release safe products into the marketplace, and if a company fails in that duty and releases a product that is dangerous to users, and the company fails to warn of that danger, product users have the right to sue these product manufacturers. If you or a loved one have been injured by a faulty product, you should contact Junell & Associates immediately. Know your rights, and let us help you hold the company accountable under the law. Defective product cases are very complex and require highly specialized legal expertise, the kind the attorneys and staff at Junell & Associates pride ourselves in providing.

There are three major claims involving dangerous products:

  • Manufacturing defect claims apply when the product is being produced. It is called a defect during manufacturing when the product that is built does not live up to the specifications laid out during design. This can include the use cheap, subgrade material, faulty machinery, or poorly trained employees.
  • Design defect claims apply when the product is faulty from the very beginning. To prove this, one must show that a change in the design could have prevented the injury—essentially showing there is a safe alternative design. In these claims, an injury would have occurred regardless of how perfectly the product was manufactured.
  • Finally, failure to warn claims occur when a manufacturer does not provide proper warning to consumers regarding all of the potential dangers that could be sustained from using the product. This is especially true for products that could not function without some inherent danger or risk (for example, kitchen knives needing to be sharp). This is only applicable when the manufacturer knew or should have known about the risk.
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